Who Invented The Ship?

Who invented the ship has always been a heated debate. Ever since the first time a human being looked across the ocean and thought, “Man, I’m not going to swim this thing, who knows what sea monsters are out there.” The consensus is that ships were invented by seafaring civilizations that depended on them for food and travel.

That’s why no single person invented the ship, but rather a whole civilization!

So, who invented the ship?

The credit for ship invention goes to:

Ancient Egyptians

The ancient Egyptians are the culture that gets the most credit for who invented the ship. They roamed up and down rivers in reed boats, similar to how Native Americans once used birch bark canoes on land.

But the first people who were recorded using ships to cross an ocean did so around 3000 BCE. Phoenicians sailed from present-day Lebanon and Turkey to explore and trade all over the Mediterranean Sea.

Much of who invented ships was lost when Phoenicia sank into ruin. Still, it’s thought that they learned everything they knew about shipbuilding from their predecessors: Bronze Age Minoans (1500 BCE), Mycenaeans (1500 BCE), and Cretans (1300 BCE).

History of Ships

The ancient Egyptians had large seagoing vessels as early as 3000 BC. Some experts believe even earlier than this, though. They used these ships to trade with other nations near or along the coast, including Greece and Rome. Just north of Egypt was Phoenicia, who also created many cultures around their boats. They traded cedar, gold, silver, tin, and lead.

After ancient times, ships evolved to have sailed. The ancient Greeks who used triremes, which were three-leveled boats, were the first who developed the sail.

This new type of boat allowed sailors traveling long distances to go faster. The Greek’s idea caught on quickly with the Phoenicians. The latter used them to sail down the coast of Africa and across the Mediterranean.

After this point, who invented ships began evolving even more quickly. The next major invention was the cog, which started European exploration in Asia and Africa. While Columbus sailed, who invented ships had already discovered that they could use the compass for navigation instead of just stars or currents.

Even though who invented ships changed over time, boats have always been a part of civilization as humankind tries to find easier ways to travel through land and sea alike. This desire will never fade as long as humanity lives on Earth!

Modern ships came about in the 19th century when ships started to be made out of metal, mainly iron. These iron ships were more extensive and faster than any who had come before them because they discovered how to make steam engines work for their boats. People who lived along with coastal cities then invented ships more frequently for transportation, fishing, or even war!

Types of Ships Today

Ship design has changed a lot since ancient times. Today there are many different types of ships specifically invented to do specific tasks, for example:


A tugboat is a small ship with one or more large engines used to pull boats that would otherwise be unable to move. They are commonly found in harbors that assist larger ships into their slips and out of them as needed before the larger vessel goes on its way.


A barge is a flat bottomed boat. It can be either towed from another boat called a towboat or pushed by one using poles and powered by someone walking inside it against the hull’s bottom. Barges come in all shapes and sizes, and some can even carry other types of ships.

Cruise ship

A cruise ship is a passenger ship used for pleasure cruises. However, some are also used for migrant voyages or hospital ships. Cruise ships come in many different shapes and sizes. Still, all have one thing in common. They are equipped with restaurants, bars, swimming pools, hot tubs, shops, libraries, nightclubs, and other entertainment venues which passengers can use while on the vessel.

Military Ship

A military vessel is any boat designated to serve in a role that is for military purposes. Included in combat-related roles, acting as anti-submarine vessels or minesweepers. They usually have weapons of some sort either designed to attack land targets or defend against attackers from another ship or submarine.

Fishing vessel

A fishing vessel is any boat designated to catch fish for commercial purposes, either selling them commercially or eating them yourself. Fishing vessels come in all shapes and sizes and can use nets, lines, or trawlers.


A freighter is a large boat designed to transport goods from one port to another, usually across the open ocean. They typically have multiple decks that carry different types of cargo and living quarters for those traveling aboard them until they reach their destination.

Cargo ship

A cargo ship is a boat that transports goods across the ocean or other water areas. Cargo ships come in all shapes and sizes. Usually, they have multiple decks for carrying different types of cargo and living quarters for those traveling aboard it until they reach their destination.


A workboat is any boat designated with the task of helping others complete tasks such as towing, pushing, or transporting people and items from one area to another. They are designed with sturdy hulls and large engines to make them more useful in heavy weather conditions.


A sailboat is a boat that is powered by one or more sails. The most common sailboats are the catamaran, the ketch, the yawl, and the schooner. They usually have multiple decks that can be used to carry different items such as food and water you need to keep yourself alive while sailing across the open ocean.

Fishing kayak

A kayak is a small ship with two hulls and a roof over your head instead of sitting inside it like other ships. The modern fishing kayaks usually come equipped with various tools designed to help you catch fish while out on the water, including rod holders, live wells, storage bins, anchor trolleys, drink holders, etc.

There are many more ships and boats, but those are just a few examples. More importantly, now you know who invented the ship! Now you can brag to your friends that you know a little more about boats and vessels than the average person.

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