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About Us!

WhoInvetedStuff is a website that brings you articles of all sorts on who invented everyday stuff around us.

The website is run by a few individuals who seek to bring you the latest and most accurate information on who invented something. We do not guarantee accuracy of information provided here (since most of the research is done by browsing the internet), but we promise to do our best!

We seek to provide you with all sorts of articles including, but not limited to, general inventions, everyday items, gadgets and gizmos, devices for your daily chores at home or workplace and such.

You will definitely learn something new when visiting WhoInventedStuff!

We invite suggestions from our readers on who invented stuff that we failed to include in our list. If you know of an inventor that is not included on this site please let us know about it. Most of the time we already have an article written about them in which case we would link it here for your convenience.

We ask that the image(s) you provide to us are properly referenced and attributed to their original author/source. If possible please include a link or URL pointing to where else our readers may find the same photo. We would not want anyone to use your photos without your permission right? Right!

Please bear in mind that we do not publish any article unless it has been thoroughly researched. It will be an arduous task checking every inventor’s background, but hey, somebody has got to do it!

How Can I Help?

You can help us by suggesting who invented stuff that is not listed here. You can also help us by giving feedback or suggestions on how we can improve WhoInventedStuff.

Of course, you can also help us spread the word about our website using social media, print media, and whatnot!

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We continuously update this list of who invented what as we find new information on different inventors around the world. We do however make mistakes from time to time hence why this list is for “entertainment purposes only”. Just so you know… (Legal stuff)

Legal Stuff: Everything published on the WhoInventedStuff website belongs to its legitimate owner/s or author/s. We cannot authorize any use of any material that appears in WhoInventionStuff without the permission of the original author. Any content that has not been properly attributed or has links leading to nowhere will be removed from WhoInventedStuff.

If you own the rights to any material that has been published on this website and wish it to be removed please get in touch with us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Thank you for visiting our site!

We hope you enjoy reading our articles about who invented stuff around us. Please feel free to contact us if there is any information that we missed out on a particular article.

Disclaimer: IMPORTANT! When submitting content, please only submit original work which was created by yourself, and not copyrighted material belonging to others (a source must ALWAYS be provided when referencing other sources). By submitting original content, users automatically grant WhoInventedStuff the right to redistribute, reproduce and/or republish your submission in whole or in part.

DISCLAIMER: All content on this site is submitted by individuals who wish to share their ideas with other like-minded individuals to provoke thought, discussion, reflection, trends, and evolution; resulting in a better understanding of self with the knowledge that we are all different yet similar in many ways. Although submissions are viewed by our team (WhoInventedStuff) for approval, they do not claim ownership nor responsibility for its accuracy or legitimacy. Submissions may be removed at the request or due to copyright restrictions at any time without notice.